We are Gladys and Sophie: two individuals who work together. We are makers, painters to be more specific, but then in the broadest sense of the word. We move within the material playing field of the visual arts. Our work is a result of our search of wonder and trying to capture and lay bare this volatile phenomenon in the slightly less ephemeral. In order to do so, we add and subtract colors in their weight and opacity, combine materials of a wide spectrum that can act as hider or hidden, carried or carrier, vast or seemingly insignificant with their own rules which we attempt to redefine for this higher cause. Also, we collect moments we see and attempt to reinterpret these in our work; a means of absorbing a part of the world, digesting and unfolding them back in return.

Studio: Elbereveldstraat 105

               6466 JM Kerkrade

E-mail: gladys.zeevaarders@gmail.com & scjohns@hotmail.com